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"C. W. Cale" wrote:

> Hey ML-ers.
>         Sounds like all the remaining Alices are in your hands!
> What other hard to find treasures are in the Ill. Alice league?

"Treasure" would seem to imply those MLs that just about
any ML collector would get all excited about.  There are many
scarce titles which don't garner much excitement.  A few seem
to have a bit of mystical allure about them - like the Illustrated

Post 1940: it seems like the original 3 volume Shakespeare
in decent DJs are a bit of a treasure.  The regular ML edition
of Alcott's "Little Women" also seems to be a treasure - and
there are very few copies around (fewer than the Illustrated

Pre 1940: despite the scarcity any Boni and Liveright ML in
a DJ, when the do show up on eBay they don't seem to
attract too much excitement.  However, any of the first 12
Boni titles, and particularly #1 Wilde, would really fit in the
treasure category.

What I have noticed in the last few years is that the 1930s
pictorial DJ MLs garner much excitement and bidding on
eBay - particularly those discontinued prior to 1940.
Fitzgerald's 'Great Gatsby' probably tops the treasure
category from this era.  There were some really cool DJs
from this era - and I bet that these MLs will grow in value
more rapidly than other MLs.  The DJs, and not the books
themselves, seem to be of most interest.  Are we turning
into dust jacket collectors, and the books are merely dust
jacket holders?


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