"God's Little Acre with an appendix?

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BooksetcSF at aol.com wrote:

> 51.2a Caldwell  God's Little Acre dj "g" Mine #246 i.e. around 1938.

> Would
> be interesting to see if there is a Bluementhal binding with "appendix
> to
> fifth printing".

I have a Bluementhal binding, ca. 1943 with the
appendix and the intro.  The DJ sez 322 titles,
but given the titles listed in the back of the book
it is a 1943 edition.

I am assuming this is another case (as with
Best Russian Stories) where there was a change
made around 1943/4 (a major watershed in ML
history - deletions of titles, number changes, text
changes - those Random House folks were busy
during the war).  Anyone have a copy later than
1943 with the appendix?

> The problem of assigning a new number to this book is that
> it reverts back to what it was, that is why I think designating it
> 51.2a
> might be a better choice of number. Any opinions out there.

Howabout 51.25?

Is there any other instance of a title doing this -
reverting to an earlier form (not including the post
1970 reissues)?  Given this discussion, I am assuming

And I was just kidding about the 51.25

John K.

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