"God's Little Acre with an appendix?

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> On DJ #371 I have forward by Caldwell
> On DJ #383 No forward by Caldwell

You people are really complicating my life!!
51.2 Caldwell without appendix +introduction (actually foreword) by Author
51.2a with appendix same as 51.2 except for addition of appendix
51.2 reverts back to what it was in 51.2 (the first one)
51.3 = 51.2 but no intro by author. I suspect Cp expired. Taken out in 1933 
and change comes about in around 1959. I think the Cp period is around 26 
years??? Now, people will find out if they want a complete ML collection with 
all the variations it will probably run into thousands of books!  
As an indication of how sloppy ML was we have "with a new introduction by the 
author" on the title page. Then we have a note on "God's Little Acre" by 
author plus a three page foreword, described as a foreword. Nothing about an 
introduction, though I suppose a foreword might be an introduction also. Now 
we are getting into semantics. Bye. 
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