ML Media Trivia (and African Queen)

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Hi ModLib folks,

Sorry if this is way too trivial: I keep seeing ML
books in movies and on TV shows! After only a few
years of ML collecting I can see MLs almost
instantly when I walk into a used book store.  I
guess it makes sense that I would see them on TV
and in movies.  (this reminds me of a colleague
from my old job in Buffalo who is an avid bird
watcher - he has a list of birds he has seen only
on TV or in movies or heard on the radio).

Recent ML spottings include:

The movie "Finding Forrester" (quite predictable,
but entertaining story of a reclusive,
Salinger-esque author and how a young writer draws
him out of hiding).  At one point in the movie a
"1st edition" copy of Forrester's 1st and only
book is being passed around - it is a 50s era ML
with a new "Forrester" DJ.  I could not see what
the real title of the ML book was but certainly
noticed the distinctive ML endpapers when the book
was opened.  Maybe it is an elusive 50s Alcott
2nd edition!

Then I think I saw a few MLs on the jumbled shelves
of the coffee shop on Frasier.  Scot Kamins lives
out that way, maybe you can head out to the
Frasier coffee shop and check.

I also swear that Mary Tyler Moore's Minneapolis
apartment has a bunch of MLs on the bookshelf
which runs along the step down into her
living-room.  Looks like the have DJs!

Then I noticed a ML Giant sitting on the shelf of
some trendy bookshelves being sold in a Pottery
Barn catalog.  No DJ.

I swear I don't watch that much tv, and seldom
look at Pottery Barn catalogs.

Finally (and more substantial) - I saw a
documentary on the making of "The African Queen"
on the History Channel.  Early on, they showed a
copy of the ML edition of Forester's book and
talked about how his novel, "published in 1940"
was turned into the movie.

This is not correct, as "The African Queen" was
published earlier.  But, if the movie followed the
ML edition - with the extra two chapters - then I
guess they were right.  Does anyone know if the
Movie follows the ML ending, or the earlier,
shorter version of "The African Queen?"

John K.

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