Lost Illusions 1st - is it a giant transitional binding?

Scot Kamins kamins at dogeared.com
Thu Apr 26 11:49:41 EDT 2001

In a recent e-mail, jbkrygie at cc.owu.edu said (in part):

>I also have a non-first of Lost Illusions which matches Amy's
>copy.  Is there a different DJ for this title without the drawing
>of Balzac?  That is what Henry and Scot seemed to be implying.

Not me! I was joking about the idea of seeing hundreds of copies of ANY 
ML title, ever!
(I GOTTA be more obvious about my jokes.)

Henry, what gives? Is there a variation of the dust jacket? (You only 
list one DJ in the Guide, and show no picture that I can find in the 
Fabulous But Ruinously Expensive DJ Full Colour Supplement.)

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