Lost Illusions 1st - is it a giant transitional binding?

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Wed Apr 25 14:52:16 EDT 2001

    I sold a first printing of Lost illusions recently that had a Type G6 spine but the "ml" blindstamp (i.e. the letters ml, not the 
torchbearer logo) on the front cover -- the same combination as the Type 12 binding for regular-size Modern Library books 
(older style torchbearer on spine with "ml" blindstamp on cover). I think this is what Scot means as a "transitional binding."  
    I have a later printing of the title here (they do exist, apparently), which has a Type G7 spine and the "ml" blindstamp that one 
would expect on a Giant issued in the late 1960s.
    It appears that for this title did use a combination of spine and blindstamp that's not been noted before.

Amy Comeau

Scot Kamins wrote:

  In a recent e-mail, BooksetcSF at aol.com said (in part):

  >What is the difference between 12 and G7 on the front, except for the size
  >of the book?

  Later today I'll do some scans and post them to my Web site, then post
  the address here so that you and the other folks can see what I'm talking
  about. (It's obvious my words aren't working this morning.)

  > I have never seen a non-first of this book with
  >the picture of Balzac on the dj.

  Me neither. :-D

       `\|||/                     Scot Kamins

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