Lost Illusions 1st - is it a giant transitional binding?

Scot Kamins kamins at dogeared.com
Wed Apr 25 01:54:13 EDT 2001


I noticed tonight that my Balzac "Lost Illusion" giant 1st is in a 
binding undescribed in the giant section of the Guide. My copy's binding 
looks just like an overgrown type 12 binding in the regular series, with 
a blind-stamped ML on the front cover with most of the cover enscribed in 
a rectangle with two curved corners. Is it unique? Does it match 
everybody's Balzac 1st? Does anybody have other giants in this overgrown 
regular-12 binding?

The Guide describes a type 6 (the type listed for the Balzac) with a 
different front cover. I've looked at my other type 6 and type 7 giants; 
none have the characteristics of this Balzac.

- Kamins

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