"Best Russian Short Stories" Variants

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Hi ModLib folks,

Regarding the variants of "Best Russian Short Stories" (18.1
in Toledano's Guide) - it would be great to pin down data on
the three variants of this title that seem to exist  - particularly the
dates of the different versions (these variants are not included in
the latest version of Toledano's Guide but I am sure Henry will
include them in the next edition!).

This is what we know so far:

BooksetcSF at aol.com wrote:

> I was aware of this, but did not have enough information to correct
> it. It
> should read something like this
> 18.1 date should be 1917-1925

This is the first variation of "Best Russian Short Stories" (BRSS)
with 19 stories and 261 pages.  Last story is "The Outrage" by
Kuprin.  Intro by Seltzer.

In 1925 Andreyev's "Seven that were Hanged" (with the short
story "The Red Laugh") (ML 45.1) was discontinued.

> 18.2 date should be 1925-?  Combines 18.1 with 45.1 with pagination
> unchanged

This is the second variant of BRSS - goes to p. 261 then starts
over at p. 1 ("The Seven that were Hanged" followed by "The
Red Laugh" and Bunin's "Gentleman from SF") and runs thru
to p. 231.  22 stories in all (same intro by Seltzer)

Was Andreyev's "Seven that were Hanged" (ML 45.1) added
to "Best Russian Short Stories" in 1925?

Does any one have a copy of "Best Russian Short Stories"
from this era w/ or w/o the additional 3 stories?

Is there a "First Modern Library Ed" of "Best Russian Short
Stores" when Andreyev was added?


Again - I have a binding 8 copy (DJ lists 274 titles - 1941) that
follows this pagination - but I am assuming the expanded BRSS
came much earlier.  I am curious how long the binding 8 with
this pagination lasted...

> 18.3  date should be  ? - 1970  18.2 with pagination running 3 thru
> 556

All the pages are reset in this edition with consistent type
and pagination.  Scot Kamins has a DJ  w/372 titles (1955)
so the revision took place sometime between 1941 and 1955.

Anyone have a copy of BRSS from between these two dates?

Help again!

Thanks for any data you can supply on this ML title!

John K.

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