"Best Russian Short Stories" Variants

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Hi ModLib folks,

A question on the ML title 18.1 "Best Russian Short
Stories" I hope you folks can help me with.
Toledano's Guide implies that there are no
variations on this title from its initial publication
in 1917 thru to 1970.

I was looking through my binding 8 copy (DJ lists
274 titles, so 1941) when I noticed that the book
goes to page 261, then the pagination starts over
at 1 with Andreyev's "The Seven That Were Hanged"
and "The Red Laugh."  After this comes a final
story, Bunin's "The Gentleman From San Francisco."

I checked my copy of Andreyev's "Seven that were
Hanged" (ML 45.1) and sure enough, the exact text
and plates of this ML (minus the lengthy intro by
Seltzer) has been reproduced in my copy of "Best
Russian Short Stories."

I am assuming that there are earlier editions of
"Best Russian Short Stories" without the Andreyev
stories (nor Bunin's story).  This edition would
end at page 261 ("The Outrage" by Kuprin).  This
would be 18.1

Then - maybe - 45.1 Andreyev was discontinued (in
1933) and added to the existing "Best Russian
Short Stories" and this would be 18.2 (18.1 + 45.1)
(only with Toledano math can you make 18.1 + 45.1 =
18.2).  This would be in both baloon cloth and hard
cover editions - but I am just speculating here.

Do any of you folks have an earlier copy of "Best
Russian Short Stories" to check this?

When was 45.1 Andreyev added to "Best Russian
Short Stories"?

Further, does any one have a later hardcover
edition of "Best Russian Short Stories" where the
pagination does not start over with Andreyev's
story?  If the pagination was fixed, I am curious
what year that was.

Should there be a 18.2 "Best Russian Short Stories"
in Henry's guide?

John K.

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