How to retrieve previously posted e-mail messages

Scot Kamins kamins at
Thu Apr 19 18:12:41 EDT 2001

Unless you've been in the listServ since late March of 2001,  you've 
already missed some interesting discussions on the ListServ. Luckily, you 
can retrieve messages going back to the beginning. Messages are archived 
in files, each one holding a month's worth of messages.
To retrieve a file, you send a message to the listServe using the get 
command and ask for one or more files by name.  Majordomo at 
messages follow a consitent format, so asking for a file is easy. Here's 
the structure:

                                        get modlib 

So to retrieve all the messages posted in the month of April 2001 (or if 
the month isn't over all the messages posted so far),  you'd send an 
e-mail to Majordomo at with the message

                                        get  modlib modlib.0104

The message is a command to the listServe. It means "Go to the archives 
for the special group called 'modlib' and retrive the file called 
'modlib.0104' and send it to me."

If you wanted to get all the messages from both March and April, you'd 
repeat the command using the format for March (03). Your e-mail would 
look like this:

                                        get modlib modlib.0103
                                        get modlib modlib.0104

The file(s) you get back contains the complete text of all e-mail 
messages, including headers and any HTML information the files may 

Try it! 

     `\|||/                     Scot Kamins

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