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Thu Apr 19 11:09:09 EDT 2001

In a recent e-mail, jbkrygie at said (in part):

>Satterfield's dissertation will be published as a
>book, "The World's Best Books: Taste, Culture, and
>the Modern Library," in late spring or early
>summer of 2002 (part of the University of
>Massachusetts "Studies in Print Culture & the
>History of the Book" series) (info from Jay
>Satterfield, jsatterf at  I am
>not sure if he is on this list or not.

Dr. Satterfield and I exchanged some e-mail this week about his book. He 
says that the book will have at least one more chapter than the 
dissertation covering the Modern Library after 1940, and that it fixes 
saome errors in teh dissertation. 

He says he's currently swamped with work, but hopes to join this list 
soon. (He's not a collector, but still remains extremely interested in 
the Modern Library series.)

By the way, both his and Gordon Neavill's dissertations are available 
from University Microfilm for $31 each including postage. I received his 
in the mail last Friday and I'm expecting Neavill's any day now.

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