New and Improved ModLib Subscription Procedures

John B. Krygier jbkrygie at
Wed Apr 18 14:20:51 EDT 2001

Hello ModLib folks,

As most of you know, the procedure used to
sign up to our beloved ModLib list can be
confusing - in large part due to the dreaded
confirmation step.  This step in the process
requires you to confirm that you want to be
signed up to the list by sending an authentication
number back to the listserver.

As the list manager, I decided to remove the
confirmation step.  This means that all you have
to do to subscribe is to send an email message to

    Majordomo at

with this (and only this) in the body of the message:

    subscribe modlib

If you know of anyone who had trouble subscribing
to ModLib please urge them to try again using the
new procedure (Scot will soon add the new procedure
to the Collecting the Modern Library WWW site).

John K.

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