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Amy wrote:

> Another ML with an erratum is the 1967 First ML Edition of The Quiet
> American by Graham Greene. Apparently, the copyright notice did not identify
> the original publisher, who must have demanded the correction. It reads:
> "First Published in England by William Heinemann, Ltd./ Distributed in
> Canada by Random House of Canada Limited, Toronto." I've seen the slip
> twice, both times on yellow paper laid in at the Copyright Page.

My copy of The Quiet American does not have the yellow
errata slip, but does appear to be a first (the spine is Toledano
#12 - used only in 1967 - and the DJ seems correct).  At
first I thought that this may have been one of those late 60s
MLs that have the "First Modern Library Edition" notation,
but are not true first editions.  The errata slip would have
then indicated a 'true' first.  But the book spine seems to
indicate that is not the case.  There is no evidence that the
slip was removed (nor is the information Amy said is on
the slip added to the copyright page).  So...

> > >A more general question: Is a book worth less if the errata
> > >note is removed?  I am assuming that such notes occur more
> > >often in 1st or early editions.
> >
> > The book IS worth less if ANYTHING is missing, more so if the note is a
> > 1st edition point. this title worth less without the errata slip?

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