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Economics 101. Books, or anything else for that matter, are not valuable 
because they are scarce, but because they are scarce in relation to demand. 
Napoleon's signature is not particularly rare, but it is quite expensive 
because many people want it. In the Modern Library the second edition of 
LITTLE WOMEN, is much rarer (I believe) than the first. But who cares? Most 
people want the first. However, in my experience as a book dealer, many 
people collect only hard cover ML or in some cases just Bluementhal. These 
people want the hard covers of titles like Jurgen, Crime of Sylvester Bonard, 
Power etc, though the firsts are in balloon cloth and in fact easier to find. 
That is why I have priced some ML in later editions as more expensive than 
the actual firsts. However, if the binding style in the first was not 
different to a later edition, though perhaps more difficult to find, it would 
be considerably cheaper, simply because fewer people are interested. 
Again, in my experience the most difficult Modern Library to find are the 
Buckram Giants without library markings all over them. Probably even more 
difficult than Boni Liveright in dj. But who cares. Few people collect 
Buckram Giants. 

One of the problems I have had in scouting is that I do not have a Price 
Guide on me and when I see an ML first I do not know if the dust jacket is 
the correct one for that particular book. As a result I have compiled a one 
sheet piece of stiff card with all the Modern Library (Regular series and 
Giants between 1917 - 1999 inclusive) on it, which tells you what the number 
(or price for the later titles) on the dj should be for a specific ML first. 
You can put the thing in your pocket or bag and it's there when you want it. 
Nearly 1300 books are listed and the script is 10 pt, so that it is quite 
readable to most people. The cost is $1.50 and includes postage. 5 copies 
would be $5, also to include postage. Forgive me this commercialism, but I do 
think this Guide useful as I feel sure many have been in a similar 
predicament to mine when scouting. 

       Henry for Books etc
       P.S. Don't forget sales tax if to be shipped within CA. Or email CA 
resale #.

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