Zuleika Dobson and errata slips

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In a recent e-mail, jbkrygie at cc.owu.edu said (in part):

>I have a first of Hemon's <Maria Chapdelaine> (DJ lists
>225 titles) with an errata note between the last two pages (!?)
>of the book which reads "This book has been printed from
>the plates of the Modern Readers' Series" (I think this was
>Macmillan's entry in the low-cost hard-cover reprint series).

My First has the same note, also tipped in (page 288).
>I am wondering if this note is only in the 1st, or if it shows up
>in later editions (including the binding 8, hard-cover edition).
>I would assume that the omission was fixed in later printings.

The note does NOT appear in my copy the Blumenthal issue, evidently 
printed in 1946.

Copyrights for 1921 and 1924 in the name of The MacMillan Company appear 
in both printings.

The pagination for both printings is the same.

>A more general question: Is a book worth less if the errata
>note is removed?  I am assuming that such notes occur more
>often in 1st or early editions.

The book IS worth less if ANYTHING is missing, more so if the note is a 
1st edition point.

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