Zuleika Dobson and errata slips

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Mon Apr 16 21:04:03 EDT 2001

Sharon Biederman wrote:

> I have a copy identical to yours except that opposite the copyright
> page a slip of paper has been tipped in with the following errata note:
> "Francis Hackett's introduction was received too late to include in this
> edition.  Any one desiring to exchange this volume for a later edition
> containing this introduction should send his name to the publishers."

Ultra-ML trivia here: what other MLs have errata notes?

I have a first of Hemon's <Maria Chapdelaine> (DJ lists
225 titles) with an errata note between the last two pages (!?)
of the book which reads "This book has been printed from
the plates of the Modern Readers' Series" (I think this was
Macmillan's entry in the low-cost hard-cover reprint series).

I am wondering if this note is only in the 1st, or if it shows up
in later editions (including the binding 8, hard-cover edition).
I would assume that the omission was fixed in later printings.

A more general question: Is a book worth less if the errata
note is removed?  I am assuming that such notes occur more
often in 1st or early editions.

trivially yours,

John K.

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