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The 3-volume  Shakespeare was published in fall 1943 in drab brownish
jackets that Lewis Miller, the RH sales manager, hated.  The second printing
in spring 1944 had brighter jackets in reddish orange, green, black and gold
on white paper.  I don't know how large this printing was; it may have been
small because of paper rationing. The new jackets remained in use until the
Shakespeare was split into 6 volumes in fall 1947, and of course these
jackets were the basis for the jackets used on the 6-volume version.  What
I'm not sure about is how many printings (if any) there were between spring
1944 and early 1946.  A number of ML titles, including most of the Giants,
were out of stock during the last part of the war.  It wasn't until 1947
that the entire series was back in stock (I think I'm correct about this but
I'm giving the date from memory).  I know that the 3-volume Shakespeare was
out of stock in April 1946.  Postwar inflation made it impossible for the ML
to publish the Shakespeare profitably in 3 volumes, which is why Klopfer
came up with the idea each volume in two.  I doubt that there were more than
two printings of the 3-volume Shakespeare in the second jacket, and there
may only have been one--and the printings were probably small.  The first
printing of the 6-volume Shakespeare was 16,600 sets.

Barry Neavill

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> I realize that it is tax time and that you may all be busy with Easter
> and such--
> But,I cannot believe that no one out there has any thoughts on the three
> volume 2nd series Shakespeare dust jackets.....they must be more of a
> rarity then I  had suspected.

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