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Gordon Neavill wrote:

> There were three printings of Imperial Hearst.  The last printing was
> in September 1939.  The Blumenthal binding (Toledano #8) was
> introduced in fall 1939 on titles new to the series.  It's possible it
> was also used on titles reprinted that fall, though I'm pretty sure
> I've seen fall 1939 printings of older titles in the #7 binding.
> Title pages in fall 1939 were still enclosed in double rules.  I
> believe the bookseller and ML collector Ralph Casperson in Niles,
> Michigan, has a copy of the September 1939 printing, but I don't
> remember the binding.  Imperial Hearst was discontinued on Dec. 31,
> 1941. To the best of my knowledge all three printings include the
> First statement on the verso of the title page (I know the 1st and 3rd
> printings do).

Given this information, I believe I have a copy of the
September 1939 printing.  The DJ has 268 titles.  The
book is a binding 7.  Nasty photo of Mr. Hearst on
the DJ cover!

So I guess that settles the question about the binding
8 (hardcover) Lundberg.  But I swear I saw a copy
listed on bibliofind that was described as a green
hardcover with black and gold on the cover (no DJ).
No photo of course, and it is not listed anymore.

Also, there is no statement of the book being a 1st,
the title page verso says 'Copyright 1936 Ferdinand

Thanks for the information!

John K.

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