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I'm fairly certain that #246 (spring 1937) is the first dj for Lundberg's Imperial Hearst.  Imperial Hearst and O'Neill's Emperor Jones, Anna Christie, and The Hairy Ape were both published in Feb. 1937 and were the first titles published in #246 dj's.  Stendhal's Charterhouse of Parma, published January 1937, had a 246 (fall 1936) dj; titles pub in January typically had dj's with lists from the previous fall.  

There were three printings of Imperial Hearst.  The last printing was in September 1939.  The Blumenthal binding (Toledano #8) was introduced in fall 1939 on titles new to the series.  It's possible it was also used on titles reprinted that fall, though I'm pretty sure I've seen fall 1939 printings of older titles in the #7 binding.  Title pages in fall 1939 were still enclosed in double rules.  I believe the bookseller and ML collector Ralph Casperson in Niles, Michigan, has a copy of the September 1939 printing, but I don't remember the binding.  Imperial Hearst was discontinued on Dec. 31, 1941.

To the best of my knowledge all three printings include the First statement on the verso of the title page (I know the 1st and 3rd printings do).  Like Newton's Amenities of Book Collecting, Imperial Hearst was printed by offset lithography rather than letterpress.  Books printed from letterpress plates normally removed the First statement before the second printing was made--though there were plenty of examples when this wasn't done!  Removing a First statement from offset plates was more complicated, and most titles printed by offset (at least prior to the mid 1960s when offset became the standard way of printing ML and other books) retained the First statement on *all* printings.  Examples include Bemelmans, My War with the U.S., The Thurber Carnival, and many others.

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  I have this title with # 246 dj. However, I believe that one of my customer's 
  must have told me he had # 245 otherwise I would have used the number on my 
  dj?...I also think I have seen this title in 8 binding but without dj, but 
  again I am not certain. Maybe somebody can confirm or not confirm the above. 

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