modern library purpose , or what they had to do to succeed.

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Thu Apr 12 19:14:17 EDT 2001

my name is anthony pertusi and I submit the following:
In reading all of the comments, and many being critical of the poor quality of the books being
manufactured and distributed, other ridiculing the cheap paper and cover material being used,
the obscure authors chosen for publication, the rampant editorial and production errors that
makes a joke out of the word anomaly, I get the sense that we have lost the original purpose of the modern library,and to refresh memories here is a typical blurp from many of the pre-1939
books:(which I have edited to make the point)
                  "the modern library puts into your home the greatest books treasures
                  of the past and present in convenient, inexpensive form and in the 
                 modern library you will find many books that you have always wanted 
                 to read, books that belong in the library of every cultured person, but 
                many of these famous titles cost from $2.00 to $10.00 apiece in their 
               original edition or were available previously only in expensive sets, but      
               you can now obtain them, complete and unabriged, in handy, compact 
               volumes, at only a small outlay"
so,of course , this was the primary purpose of the modern library, to get great books into the hands of the not so rich by creating a cheap product so that great authors could be read by
masses of people .   
and I be

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