Lundberg: Imperial Hearst

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I was just gawking at all the changes in the My Ebay
pages at eBay - I think they look better but it certainly
startled me!

In any case: Addled1 has up for auction a copy of
Ferd Lundberg's Imperial Hearst - one of those
obscure "uncanonesque" ML titles.

Mr. Addled1 claims that the correct number of ML
titles on the DJ should be 246 (not 245 as in Toledano's

But more curiously, Mr. Addled1 also claims that there
was no hardcover edition of this title, contrary to what
the Toledano Guide claims.  The ML Guide shows a
binding 8, rather highly valued, but also has a ? in the
DJ column for 40+ DJ.

So do I scratch Lundberg off my list of scarce HC MLs
to find?

Does anyone have a Lundberg in binding 8?

If so, is it a T or D or P DJ?

I must needs know this!

John K.

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