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Been meaning to reply to a few ModLib postings...


> ......Mathew Brady became interested in writing while working as a radio

Who is Mathew Brady?  Please excuse my literary ignorance.

> operator abord an aircraft carrier during World War II. He and a mate
> began to add notes on shipboard life to the Armed Forces News that was
> distributed daily throughout the ship.
>      Shipyard workers at Swan Island,who built the carrier,had donated
> the complete Modern Library,and this served as inspiration.......
> Three questions?
> 1. Were these books perhaps buckrum bindings?

Am I correct in recalling that buckrams were a phenomena
of the 1920s and 1960s only?

I asked Scot Kamins this but he didn't know: Were buckrams
sold the same way regular Modern Library editions were - on
the shelf in bookstores - or were they special order?

Also, did they cost more than regular MLs?

> 2. Had this been done more then once by the shipyard workers?
> 3. Did Random House help supply a ships library?

I found a copy of "Best American Humorous Short Stories"
(binding #8, the rarer Jessup edited edition which was replaced
by an updated ed. by Linscott in 1945) with a faint stamp in
the front: "Property of US Navy: Distributed by District
Recreation Officer: Eleventh Naval District, San Diego
California."  No other markings and both the book and DJ
are in great shape, so I guess it was not a typical library book.

Joseph Hill's question is still open - did Random House dontate
these books or were they offered at a discount or just purchased

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