Naked (jacketless) MLs

Scot Kamins kamins at
Sun Apr 8 14:22:47 EDT 2001

 In his recent e-mail  Pete said (in part):

> Just remember it is the DJ that makes the series 
>so collectible.

Ah, doctrinal disputes -- you gotta love 'em!

I think that the dust jackets is ONE of the elements that makes the 
series so collectable.

Another aspect would be the canonical element. Taking any date in the 
history of Modern Library after the series had enough titles in it (say 
1928 as the break point), one could argue that, if you were to read every 
book in the current catalog, you would have accomplished the reading list 
a decent liberal arts degree. This would make a far better library then 
that piece of junk that Adler came up with at the University of Chicago 
MANY years later.

Not that this argument couldn't be made for other series, such as 
Everyman and (to a more limited degree) the Harvard Classics, Loeb, and 
so on. It's here that Pete's argument about the dust jackets begins to 
hold sway, particularly if we go to the wonderful 1930's illustrated dust 
jackets -- my top-notch favorite period.

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