Anomalies in ML dust jackets

Sharon Biederman sbiederm at
Sat Apr 7 18:01:45 EDT 2001

On Sat, 7 Apr 2001, Scot Kamins wrote:

> Because ML was sloppy in the way it handled bindings and dust jackets, 
> and other publishers weren't. If we had an authoritative fully-researched 
> and verified set of truths first-hand from the original ML documents and 
> records, it would be different. But the record is faulty at best. So all 
> we can do is make up some rules and play by them - knowing that it may or 
> may NOT be The Truth.

Scot's comment reminded me of a DJ we both currently own--a 1939 printing
of Point Counterpoint.  The back of the dust jacket corresponds to the
style listed for the years 1929-32 but says "A Complete list of the 268
books in the Modern Library...."  On the inside 268 titles are also
listed.  This exception in no way negates Henry's overall categorization
of the styles.  As ML prepared to make the change to the Blumenthal
binding and new, larger dust jackets, they probably tried to use up any
remaining DJ stock in inventory. The quirkiness of the Modern Library is
what makes it so charming.


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