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> Please advise-  Are Modern Library editions worth collecting if they don't have DJ?

As Scot Kamins sort of suggested, the value of jacketless
MLs to collectors seems to be minimal.  Indeed, even first editions
without jackets (which are given values in Toledano's Guide)
seldom sell for much (if at all) on eBay.  A few months back
a jacketless copy of Jackson's Lost Weekend sold on eBay
for around $5, and today one with a jacket sold for over $200.

I used to buy jacketless MLs because I didn't know MLs had
dust jackets!  I began to limit myself to MLs with DJs because
the DJs are appealing and it is much more of a challenge to
find copies with DJs.

I still buy jacketless MLs in a few cases: I do pick up cheap
copies of rare MLs without DJ in case I find a DJ copy with
pen marks selling for next to nothing...then stick the good DJ
on the good book.

Also, I hold out little hope of finding Boni and Liveright MLs
with DJs, nor the other early stinky fake-leather titles.  So if I
find one for a reasonable price I pick it up.  Just found a copy
of Howells  <Hazard of New Fortunes> (which was the first
American author in the Modern Library, and the first title to
be discontinued! - I think).

But why not pick up the jacketless MLs if they appeal to you?
My dad prefers MLs without jackets, and thinks they look better
on the shelf.  I got him to stop throwing away the jackets, at least.
And they do look good without DJs - but most collectors are
biased against the 'naked' MLs.

john k.

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