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       With regard to Pete Chocheles point about people wanting the exact 
first edition dust jacket for first editions. This is not exactly true. For 
instance Hemingway's first issue dust jacket apparently has some numbering on 
rear panel. Few if any   have seen these figures and the second issue dust 
jacket is considered the first, or anyway the price charged is as though the 
dj was a first issue. The first edition dj of Of Human Bondage by Maugham has 
the club foot on the wrong foot. Though it is really the first issue dj it is 
considered a freak and it is expensive because it is such a freak. Secondly, 
the Modern Library was not published, I don't think, as diligently as most 
other first editions. Anyway, I' m glad there is disagreement. That's much 
more fun.
       With regard to ML which do not have a first edition statement on the 
copyright page, it is important that the dust jacket be the correct number, 
since it is the only way to determine (other than going thru all the titles) 
whether the ML is a first. Bonuses for a first in the guide are for the above 
reason + some are particularly hard to find with first issue dust jackets, 
though they are known to exist in some quantity. 
       As somebody points out the dj number increments increased in leaps 
rather than progressively. In this case I would say that the exact dj number 
would really have to be the first issue dj. 
       The trouble with most rules is that there are usually exceptions, but 
as not every exception can be taken into account when providing information 
as a guide, one has to stick to generalities which makes for controversy 
about those who demand 100% accuracy. 

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