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 In your recent e-mail  you said (in part):

>Please advise-  Are Modern Library editions worth collecting if they don't 
>have DJ?

Depends on why you collect. 
If you collect for the joy of it, define your own criterea. ML certainly 
provides a plethora of opportunities for that! See my article "Collecting 
the Modern Library at ABE for an introduction to the subject: 


If you're collecting and think you may want to resell your collection 
later and recoup what you spent, concentrate on the best jacketed copies 
you can find. These need not be firsts; just excellent examples of 
whatever you choose.

If you're collecting for investment purposes (a pretty bad idea, by the 
way), then you ought to restrict yourself to only jacketed first editions 
in better than VG condition. There may be some appreciation in 
Boni-Liveright ML jacketless first edtions in Fine condition, but I 
wouldn't count on it.

Of course, buckrams had no jackets and there's a pretty good resale 
market in them. And copies of the illustrated Cervantes/Dali sell well 
even without an acetate.

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