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   The book  is indeed one of the Modern Library College Editions and  
says so on the front and back covers.  It carries the Fujita logo and
looks like an ordinary paperback rather than like the ML college editions
of the 50-60s. The copyright page is a bit confusing because it states
First Edition 1984 with a descending string of numbers, but it is really a
first thus.


Sharon Biederman
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 On Thu, 5 Apr 2001, j b krygier wrote:

> BooksetcSF at wrote:
> > This is a College series book and not really collectable. The
> > collecable
> > paperback were published in the fifties and there are only 75 of them.
> > There
> > are hundreds of the college series.
> Hmmm...I guess I thought the common ML college editions
> were phased out in the late 60s with the regular MLs.  1984,
> which was when this Olmsted book was allegedly published,
> seems a bit late for the ML college series.
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