Please spread the word about the Modern Library listServ

Scot Kamins kamins at
Mon Apr 2 21:44:27 EDT 2001


So far we have just over a dozen members on the Modern Library listServ. 
It's in all our best interests that the list grow. Please send word of 
the list to fellow ML collectors and to your customer base. For info, 
send them to:



P.S. DEALERS: Please add an automatic signature to the bottom of your 
contributions letting folks know that you have ML titles for sale. This 
is not only reasonable and proper, but it's a service for collectors -- 
where else are they gonna get books BUT from dealers??? Don't list the 
titles; just say you have titles for sale, and give your e-mail address 
for inquiries.

Scot Kamins
Collecting The Modern Library 1917-1970
(because fanaticism is not limited to politics, religion, or economics)
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