Query about Miss Julie

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Mon Apr 2 21:14:55 EDT 2001


    I have a question maybe the old pros in the group can address. I recently acquired a copy of ML No. 52, Strindberg's Miss 
Jule and Other Plays, with DJ. The Book is a B&L issue with Type 2 binding. The DJ is an early Cerf/Klopfer with no 
torchbearer on the front panel, circa 1925-1926.  The title was discontinued in 1925.
   Is it possible that the book was originally sold with this jacket? I'm theorizing that perhaps the book was such a poor seller 
that the Type 2s remained in the warehouse at the time of the sale to Cerf & Klopfer and ML just printed some new DJs to get 
rid of them. Has anyone ever seen Miss Julie in a Type 3 or Type 4 binding?
Amy Comeau

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