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Mon Apr 2 19:23:57 EDT 2001

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<< Just to clarify, there were two distinct editions. The second edtion, 
 which bears a separate Toledano catalog number, was published only for 
 the one year (1970). You'll be glad to know that a REAL ML completest 
 MUST have both editions >>

So, Mr. RMLC, do I have a first printing of the second edition, even though 
it doesn't explicitly state so? (Am I being thick here?)

A pretty good day here ML-wise: I found a shop with a stash of $4 each books 
& brought home no-jacket firsts of Proust's Guermantes Way & Within a Budding 
Grove, Satyricon, Modern American Poets, and a B&L ML Art of Rodin, NAP, full 
of photo plates.


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