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Mon Apr 2 14:25:20 EDT 2001

 In your recent e-mail Bob Riedel said (in part):

>I have a copy of the ML Selected Poetry of W.H. Auden -- the 1970 second 
>edition, revised by the author to include poems from the 1960s. Was there 
>some sort of "first ML printing thus" indication on the first printing of 
>this edition? Or is it impossible to tell which printing it is (mine just 
>generic copyright information)?
And Pete responded with

>The first Modern Library edition(1959) of the Auden work 
>states that on the copyright page. The correct DJ lists 
>385 titles on the inside.

Just to clarify, there were two distinct editions. The second edtion, 
which bears a separate Toledano catalog number, was published only for 
the one year (1970). You'll be glad to know that a REAL ML completest 
MUST have both editions.  :-D

- Scot

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