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DCHOCK7 at aol.com wrote:

> Henry(Books etc) covered the post-1939 subject fairly well. I would
> add that
> the most difficult to find are the Alcott and the three volume
> Shakespeare
> set issued between 1943 and 1947. Try to get them with DJs.
> Pete

BooksetcSF at aol.com wrote:

> The really tough post 1939 ML to find include (and this is just off
> the top
> of my head).
> 1. All ML that ceased publication in 1941-42. These titles with dust
> jacket
> are harder to find than the actual ML firsts.

I have spent alot of time combing the WWW used book sites
and the MLs that were cancelled out in the early 40s are tough
to find - even without a DJ.  I would really like to know how
many of these titles were actually published.  I am assuming
maybe no more than a couple thousand of each - particularly
titles like Lundberg, Schreiner, Sudermann, Huneker, Stendahl,
Feutchwanger, Gissing, etc.

The rarity of the Shakespeare three volume set seems peculiar;
one migh think that they would have been published in large
quantities and used in university courses.  Alas, it dawned on me
that they were published during WW2 when there were restrictions
on things such as paper usage.  I wonder if the cancelled titles from
the early 40s were largely due to paper shortages.

> Fineman's HEAR YE SONS; Shakespeare's firsts

The Alcott stands out as very much more valuable (and I am
assuming harder to find) than any other post 39 ML.  Why is
this?  There were at least two editions (as opposed to a single
edition of some of the other scarce MLs like Fineman, Jackson,
Lewishon).  Were these bought for younger readers who mangled
them?  If there were very small press runs of Alcott, why?  It
isn't like she was an obscure author.

I also am wondering about a few other MLs that are not valued
very highly in Toledano's Guide but seem very difficult to find.
These include:

    - Morley: Human Being
    - Godden: Black Narcissus

These seldom show up on eBay (altho a few copies of Godden
have, and have sold for quite a bit more than they are valued in
the Guide).

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