Tom Jones 1st in a #6 Binding

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Sun Apr 1 10:05:58 EDT 2001

    I certainly agree with your comments about the 1927-28 titles,
Henry. However, where the dates may warrant use of an earlier binding as
is the case concerning Tom Jones (published just as ML started using the
Type 7 binding), how can someone tell if use of the earlier binding is
    Or to put the question another way, when you list a binding style
for an ML First in your Guide, is the data based on your observations
over the years or something more concrete, such as Random House and/or
H. Wolff archival records?

Amy Comeau

BooksetcSF at wrote:

> Modern Library were in the habit of slapping on any binding that were
> at
> hand, so expect that there will be many anomalies for style of binding
> for
> firsts. I have seen BL bindings for 1927-28 titles. I don't think
> these
> anomalies should be considered as the first style of binding if the
> dates do
> not warrant it. These books are curios, nothing more.
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